One place, one history

One place, one history

Benoit, 100 years of passion

" There’s no other place as typically Parisian as Benoit. I have a very special affection for this beautiful house, with its own history and generosity. Benoit is a friendly place, full of memories and shared pleasure. It reflects a certain way of life and tradition that we want to preserve ". Alain Ducasse

A rich history
Opened in 1912, Benoit celebrated its 100 years anniversary. It is a venerable age for the one and only Parisian Bistro to be starred by the Michelin Guide. The restaurant has still a lot of vitality and remains the traditional Bistro cuisine in the heart of Paris.
Until April 2005, the Petit family owned Benoit for 93 years : a familial place, transmitted from generation to generation. Benoit Matray - the grandfather of Michel Petit – creates the restaurant in 1912. This former butcher with a lot of culinary knowledge turns the place into a traditional cuisine restaurant. Its customers come from the neighborhood and are the retailers and artists from the Halles. The restaurant becomes soon a must and a very animated place where Benoit Matray welcomes his guests as a generous friend.  

In the 1950’s, Benoit Matray hopes that his grandson will get the succession as the Chef of the kitchen. His dream comes true as Michel Petit takes over the Benoit restaurant in 1961.
At this time, many changes are made: a private lounge is created on the 1 st floor, the kitchen is modernized, the guest room becomes bigger, and the cellar is embellished. According to the Beaujolaise tradition, the wine is bottled here : you still could see the hook at the entrance of Benoit that served to get down the barrels in the cellar. The place remains also the memory of the grandmother Marie, the author of a secret recipes book that made the success of the restaurant . And as a real family story, Madame Petit, the wife of Michel Petit, has drawn the plates and the "trompe-l’oeil" in the 1 st floor salon.

After the departure of the famous market of Les Halles in another neighborhood, a new kinds of customers come to Benoit to enjoy it's convicial atmosphere. The artist and wood engraver Lesage is one of the most loyal customers, and imagines one night this now famous slogan: "At Benoit, drinking and feasting like kings". Lesage also customizes the menu with very festive drawings.
After many years of success and sharing, Michel Petit and his wife Catherine decided to sell the Benoit restaurant to Alain Ducasse, in order to perpetuate the tradition and authenticity of this Parisian bistro with a touch of modernity. The Petit family couldn’t imagine that letting Alain Ducasse take over Benoit will give to the restaurant an international reputation… as a superb tribute, in 2005 appeared the name of Benoit in one of the most famous neighborhood of Tokyo , as Alain Ducasse exported the bistro in Japan. After 100 years, the story continues…

The typical Parisian bistro atmosphere
Push the door and come to discover Benoit in its warm and comfortable atmosphere. From tile to woodwork, from red velvet seats to brass, from engraved glass windows to fake marble columns, from the lightings to the bar, from the huge mirrors to the art paintings, the whole decoration gives a peaceful feeling and a sensation of time travel. On the upper floor, a private room with a large oval table welcomes the guests. The paintings on the wall, the terracotta tiles, the decorative panels above the doors and the fireplace will make you feel at home.

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20, rue Saint Martin
75004 Paris
TEL: +33 1 42 72 25 76


Open everyday
Lunch 12 pm - 2 pm
Dinner 7.30 pm - 9:30 pm