From the farm to the table

It is a militant vision of food that is expressed in this formula. It affirms the intimate link between the eater and the producer and reminds us of this essential truth: before cooking, there is nature. Above all, it proposes a virtuous attitude by establishing a direct relationship between the cook and the producer.

At Benoit, Kelly Jolivet buys directly from most of her suppliers. Potatoes and, depending on the season, carrots, parsnips, leeks or onions, for example, arrive directly from La Ferme des Pins sylvestres. This mixed farm, located in a small village in the Marne, has been run for four generations by the Le Founris family according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Truffles and early vegetables such as asparagus and peas come directly from Jérôme and Nathalie Galis, located near Carpentras. Their farm covers about 30 hectares and has more than 16,000 truffle oaks pruned according to a method inspired by the culture of bonsais to increase productivity.

Direct supply again for the calves of the “tiger” race. This breed of cattle owes its name (it is also called “tiger” or “saïnata”) to its striped coat. It is found in Corsica and it is from there that Kelly Jolivet brought it from the Abatucci family. They are the only totally organic producers of tiger cows (they produce their own feed). They are also the only ones to have a slaughterhouse integrated to the farm and, after the slaughter, they do all the butchering work. The breeding is really extensive because the animals are only slaughtered according to the demand of the customers.

All these direct collaborations between the producer and the restaurant, without any intermediary intervention, are really part of the fair and responsible approach from the farm to the plate.