The hare "à la royale" invites itself to the table of Benoit Paris

From November 1st, Chef Kelly Jolivet and her team propose the hare “à la royale” as the suggestion of the moment.

Chef Kelly Jolivet’s preparation secrets

“The hare is delicately boned and then stuffed with a stuffing made with the hare’s legs, truffles, foie gras and Colonata bacon. The second important element of this recipe is the sauce. It is a juice of hare, which is bound with the offal of the latter, its blood and foie gras. For its brilliance, we add a little mirror of red wine.”

The history of the hare “à la royale”

This great classic of French cuisine is prepared during the hunting season for game birds, particularly in November.
There are as many recipes as there are chefs, but historically it was created for Louis XIV. The first written recipe comes from Antonin Carême “the king of chefs and the chef of kings”.